29 août 2012

Wedge heels Sneakers

Hello guys!
I've been hesitating for some times to get a pair of wedge heels sneakers. I'm absolutely loving the Isabel Marant "Bekett" collection. 

Here are some wedge sneakers from other brands a bit less expensive then the Bekett but still very nice looking. What do you guys think of the trend, will you get one pair?
ASH Cool Wedge Trainer
River Island


24 août 2012


Back to School

Animal Print

Animal Print

J brand jeans
$200 - farfetch.com

Giuseppe Zanotti leather handbag

11 août 2012

OOTD: Minimal Style, Minimal Price

Weekend in the country side

Hi guys!
I've been spending a few days in the country which means higher up in the moutains of Switzerland. The weather is incredibly nice and warm at such altitude and I kinda feel as if I was at lake (finally got the dresses and flip flops out yeay!). Everybody is keeping the number of layers very minimal, like the theme of this OOTD.

Choker Necklace:   H&M
Dress: H&M
Shoes: Melissa Harminic Bow flip flops

P.S: Because of a bad injury my left ankle is not fit to be seen in this OOTD and you won't get full body shots until it's presentable again  ;) Instead I give you a peek of the lovely landscape I've seen during my trip.


9 août 2012

Tutorial: "High Fashion Messy Bun"

Hi guys! As you can see, today is the day for Tutorials! 
As I am interested by all things about Beauty: haircare, hairstyles, nails and make up, I spend quiet a lot of time online looking at tutorial from Youtube Gurus and others.
This is a good way to get ideas and technics to improve your personal style.

In the next "Outfit Of the Day" I will rock the "Messy Bun" for you guys ;)

7 août 2012

My Wishlist!

August wishlist <3

DIY: Studded denim shorts

1° Buy a good quantity of studs in your local haberdasher's or notion store. You can also get a bargain on Ebay and get a lot for less.
The size or color depends on the style you want to achieve. Here you can see that the studs I used are quiet big and silver colored.

2° Choose a pattern and get to work!
In the first image, I choose to cover only one side of the short
with studs.
In the second image, I used another short and added a little studded cross on each back pockets.

Et Voilà!
This is a really simple way customize all your clothes, if you want me to try it on a shirt or another item of clothing just leave a comment.


3 août 2012

Celebrity style Inspiration - Ashley Olsen

I got inspired by this effortless yet elaborate summer style. The simple outfit is matched with a sparkling watch and "exotic" turban puting an exiting note to the whole look.

For my own version, I used one of my denim short that I customized by adding some studs.
Plus, I accessorised with an oversized shoulder bag and a pair of black ankle boots.


Hi everyone!
With this blog I will try to share my interest about Fashion and Beauty. Please don't hesitate to leave comments, feed backs and follow me on other supports such as Pinterest and Twitter.

Luv <3